Friday, January 06, 2006

Murtha's War II: Edited and Published in The Pittsburgh Tribune Review

This is the published and edited letter. The original is entitled, "Which way to an exit strategy?", on this blog. This text is provided for readers to compare the submission with the printed version.

Murtha's war II
Tuesday, December 6, 2005
All we have heard when we as citizens ask for a plan to end the Iraq war is that "we will stay the course."
That is the answer you expect from a 6-year-old when you ask when he will be ready to leave and he answers, "When I am ready to leave."
Many citizens of both political parties who opposed and supported the war should be grateful to Rep. Murtha for his reasonable, and emotional, call for an exit strategy. Instead of welcoming the debate out of respect for our soldiers, the president and his administration immediately Swift-boated the congressman.
We all can agree that even the Democratic Party has not aggressively promoted a specific strategy for leaving Iraq. The president could address the Congress, admit his mistakes, and work toward a quick and safe resolution. Instead he attacked anyone who disagrees with his lack of policy.
We have a leader who will not lead and a Congress that is too divided to force his hand. The public cannot be ignored and we cannot be Swift-boated. We should continue to push the president and the Congress for answers and a quick and reasonable end to this war. This seems appropriate for the safety our soldiers, the concerns of their families and the future of the Iraqi people.
We must be the leaders we do not have.
Steve Karas Forest Hills