Monday, November 21, 2005


I believe government can be a positive and unifying force in the lives of people. Government can help people build the type of country, or state where they wish to live. Government should work for the interests of the people, they should not ask people to work for their interests. Politicians should be held directly accountable by educated constituents to work hard and make intelligent decisions. Elected officials must demonstrate a high level of integrity and accountability. In turn, people must take an active role in selecting their representation and educating themselves on the issues.

Those that are too sick, too old, too poor, or the victims of unexpected circumstances, should be given some help from the rest of us to have a better life. All of us in The United States, and in Pennsylvania, should be given a chance for an education to work to achieve our goals. Those that pursue a trade or open their own business should be free to achieve success. We should all have a sense that as we move forward in life, we will take care of those in our community who need us, and if needed, they will be there for us.

Government at its best can assist us in obtaining, for example, safe communities, a clean environment, and a quality education. As we work to achieve our personal goals, there can be a sense that despite any of our differences, we are all part of a greater cause.

This is what I believe, and that is why I am involved.

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