Sunday, May 18, 2008

Obama in the primary

LTE on the Tribune Review's "endorsement" of Hillary Clinton:

In your endorsement of Hillary Clinton you state Barack Obama's experience is "no portfolio for president."
I and the majority of Democrat voters disagree.
Obama has written and co-sponsored a variety of successful legislation. This includes: health care for children, securing dangerous nuclear material, and powerful ethics reform. He consistently articulates real solutions for our problems. A brief view of his record proves his effectiveness as a bipartisan legislator.
By claiming "you know where she (Clinton) stands," you reveal the main problem many voters have with Sen. Clinton: We do not know where she stands.
Her political double-speak is unfortunate. I believe Clinton would be a capable president and that we need a change from the current administration, but I believe Obama is the best choice of the three remaining candidates.
I prefer a president who is well removed from the Washington machine and will appoint a Cabinet that contains the most qualified people, not the most connected.

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