Friday, January 12, 2007

LTE to Tribune Review: Published but not posted.

I recently sent the following in response to this letter:, which compared Vietnam to Iraq and asks that we support continuing in Iraq.

I was told my reply was published, but it is not on their website. I have contacted the paper several time to let them know of the error, but they have not made the correction. Maybe it is because I use the "I" word...Here is the reply I wrote:

In response to Linda Dupill's letter not to, "leave before the job is done" and to "be compassionate", I ask that she look at the facts. 80% of Americans oppose the Iraq war. The generals in Iraq have stated that more troops will make the situation worse. When the generals wanted more troops, via the Powell Doctrine, The President refused. We need a leader who knows their history and the Marshall plan. We need a President who listens to his generals, the American people, and The Iraq Study Group. We need to support the Iraqi people by offering Iraq's employment through reconstruction funds, not giving funds to Haliburton and Blackwater. We need to build and staff hospitals, schools, and infrastructure. This President and this administration have not had the intellectual capacity to succeed in these basic tasks. If we have compassion and want to "win" this war, we should face the facts. We can not win with this President. His negligence is criminal. For the sake of the Iraqi people and our brave military we should impeach George W. Bush and relieve him of his incompetent tenure as commander-in-chief. We should compassionately write our congressman and senators and ask them to give us the leadership our President has failed to offer.

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