Monday, March 26, 2007

Peduto '09?

The exit of Bill Peduto in the mayor's race is unfortunate for the city of Pittsburgh. Mr. Peduto is a personable and well-informed individual who would have made a great mayor.
To his credit, he said he withdrew because "running a victorious political campaign would require dividing a city." Mr. Peduto's integrity, ideas and knowledge place him at the top of the Pittsburgh political class.
His continued presence on City Council and as a leader in innovative ideas for Pittsburgh remains an important ingredient in the city's future.

Additional comments:
Why is it that when a candidate challenges the Democratic status quo he is not covered in the local media? Peduto has given the current Mayor several ideas. Some of Peduto's ideas have been mirrored by the current mayor.
He lost the endorsement vote by 4 to 1. This means many of the long time committee people will support the Mayor. This is before any debate on the issues. Presumably, then, he will loose the election. If he stays in and looses big, he may not be a viable candidate in 2009. The people of Pittsburgh loose without a choice. However, by bowing out or "quitting" as the PG noted on the front page, he may have the opportunity to become the "go to man" to scrutinize the mayor.

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