Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Corporate Media Lazy on Obama

As easy as it was to find what exact magazine the story of the black man and his skin was in, Brit Hume reported the findings the next day on FOX. No background checking needed, just report the error that had already been reported. No one can say they are lying, they are just letting us know what The Chicago Tribune and The Politico reported about the “facts” in Obama’s Dreams book.
Human events picked up the story headlining, “Obama offers Wild Revision if his own History.” A “wild revision” seems a compelling description. Paul Hollorah compares Obama to a “little head bobbing doll” and refers to him as a “Schlikmeister.” He first tells of the later date of the Selma march versus the Obama’s parents marriage. Obama has said he spoke of the civil rights movement as a whole inspiring his parents, not just the march over the bridge. Never mind that the statement had already been released by the Obama coampaign. Speaking in generalities, Obama had stated that his parents heard the call of the Kennedys for Africans to learn in the US. Hollorah states that this too is a wild revision since, “the future senator was not conceived”
Hollrah claims his speech is like Gore claiming to have invented the internet, something Gore never said and has been repeatedly debunked by media watchdog groups, yet continues to be repeated. The author is completing a double play by comparing an exaggeration with a lie. He also links what he sees as Obama’s missteps with those of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. Unbelievably, the author then quotes “one of my black friends.” This is classic racism. You tell people about your black friend so that they could not possibly believe you are a racist. This piece is truly unique on its fact bending, media twisting inaccuracies and racial caveats. The author lives in Oaklahoma.
Ricahrd Cohen in the Washington Post goes so far as to suggest, “The tendency to manipulate facts may bear watching in Obama.” He also compares Dreams to Profiles in courage as promising politicians who are packing themselves in a “larger cause.” Cohen retells the Ebony story as his evidence to watch Obama for his honesty. Cohen also warns Obama that “Sheer ambition is no longer tolerated in American public life.” He appears to suggest that since Dreams was published when Obama was only 34 years old, he has been planning this moment since then and thus, carefully packaged himself for presentation to the public. Somewhat of a conspiracy theory within himself. An interesting take. I contacted the author to see if he would print a correction.


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